Yamaha just had her first injection engine in Indonesia, sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1. The birth of this new bike seemed a long way to Jupiter in the history of motorcycles in Indonesia to mark.

Outside sales company, starting in 2003, when Jupiter Z was launched first in life, the year of the launch was Triumph Yamaha dominate the national race.

A year in the period of “Earth” and the adaptability, speed of Jupiter Z finally managed Moto Prix meet. Especially in 2004, Yamaha reap sweet fruits magical performance earned his first two classes Moto Prix. At that Hokky Krisdianto represented in the class to 125 cc and 110 cc H.Ical.

Yamaha growing craze in 2005, the early dominance in almost all classes of society Moto Prix per season. Show until the last year or Yamaha Moto Prix kedigdayaannya in five regions. The result: Reg 1 (all class champion), Reg 2 (4 class winners of 6 classes), Reg 3 (all class winners of 6 classes), Reg 4 (5 of 6 class champion), Reg 5 (all class champions Lessons 6) .

sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 was also capable of the highest national competition Indo Prix racing control. After the first year of implementation in 2007, finished only second in the class, after four consecutive years of Yamaha always two Indo Prix class won (125 cc and 110 cc).

Set at last year Yamaha rider rated pebalapnya in five years, who participated in two classes.

Toughness Jupiter Z is also recognized as high-level Asia. Wahid holders often Yamaha rider champion in the arena of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) are placed. Last Performance in 2011 Rafid spectacular storm on Jupiter Z rocked Asia and successfully won the award Understanding bone 115 cc.

Within ASEAN, sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 was victorious. Internal Event Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race evidence excellence Jupiter Z contains general title for a team from the inaugural Yamaha Indonesia implementation Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race in 2003 and 2010.

Rider Rider Yamaha Indonesia also on the rise for the individual title, Gilang Pranata Sukma in 2005, Doni Tata Rafid Typhoon in 2006 and 2011.

And what about the development of the design of this bike in his life? Let us together.

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