Body Slim with the Raw Food Diet

Body Slim with the Raw Food Diet

Diet by eating raw food or raw food diet believe some people is an effective method of slimming. Is this true?

According to singer and presenter Sophie Navita had 1.5 years of living raw food diet, “I eat to be healthy. When people see me so thin, I see it as a bonus because it did not eat all sorts.”

Women who Akif as a presenter and the singer said, if we are eating a healthy body weight by itself would look ideally. So while undergoing a raw food, should we think of health holistically. Not merely because they want to slim down, especially in quick time.

“If the body healthy by itself because the body was so ideal clever. Could set when we need to go down, when to go up a little,” Sophie said when met wolipop Tebet Green Mall, Jl. MT Haryono, South Jakarta, recently.

Meanwhile, a healthy lifestyle practitioners dr. Phaidon L. Toruan say, raw food is part of a healthy diet because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. While the raw food diet can effectively lose weight, author of ‘Fat Loss Not Weight Loss’ This justifies the assumption.

“Raw food is very helpful because there is a slimming effect is very effective in helping the fat burning process. When we eat fruits and vegetables (raw) he had a jamming effect block fat so fat that enters the body is not too much, “said dr. Phaidon when talking with wolipop in Kuningan, South Jakarta, some time ago.

But should not look raw food as slimming method alone. Because if the main purpose of a raw food diet is to gain weight, then you’re just going to run it in the short term. Unsustainable. As a result, the body will get fat again.

“People want to eat healthy if you do not have to wear slimming method also will drop its own weight,” he said.

Raw food diet should be combined with regular physical exercise in order to maximize results. Without fitness or sports, do not expect your weight could go down significantly and last a long time.

“Raw food is very good, but not so the same sport. So when you say raw food very good but part of healthy lifestyle. Not allowed only one, must exercise. Essence, the muscles must still be trained,” said the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjajaran this.

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